There are several benefits to the world transitioning to renewables quickly. If the government passes a price on carbon, this would accelerate this process.

First would be the decrease in greenhouse gasses that are the main cause of the climate crisis and continue to worsen it.

Second would be the improvement in public health. Seven million people die yearly from air pollution – fine particulate matter that causes lung diseases and makes people more susceptible to infections including COVID.

Third would be a decrease in international conflict. The current threat of a European war can be seen as being partially caused by fossil fuels.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has $600 billion in reserve that allows him to threaten war.

Historians have recognized for decades that oil lies at the base of many conflicts.

Powerful corporations and the owners of the fossil fuel companies keep the transition to clean energy from happening because they do not want to lose money.

These power brokers have spent $5 billion undermining climate science and fighting clean energy legislation. They contributed at least $359 million in the last midterm election.

Nancy Hasenfus