In his March 9 letter to the editor, “Carbon fee is key weapon against Putin, global warming,”

Chris Beeuwkes pointed out twin benefits of having federal policy that would put a price on carbon – with monthly dividend rebates going to U.S. households.

(As in the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act,

He noted that, not only would such a policy substantially contribute toward dramatically curtailing our carbon emissions, it would reduce our dependence on oil and would thereby reduce the malign dictator Putin’s means for funding his expansionist schemes.

I echo Mr. Beeuwkes observations and would simply like to add the following point: In just the past 30 years, our country has been involved in two major wars that were primarily conducted to protect unfettered U.S. access to Middle East oil. In these conflicts – and in the chaos that was unleashed following our intervention against Iraq in 2003 – hundreds of thousands of people died, millions more were displaced and multiple billions of dollars worth of damage was done.

Having our energy come from sources that would not be the reasons for international conflict and untold human misery would be most welcome.