Douglas Polk’s Nov. 28 letter to the editor (“Keeping energy costs low must be on Maine senators’ agenda”) shows a lack of understanding about what is happening to our world.

While I agree that we need to be concerned about energy costs, the way to deal with this is to put a price on carbon and then return that money monthly to Americans so they can afford to heat their homes and drive their cars. A carbon cashback approach, where the monthly checks start arriving a couple of months before carbon or methane taxes go into effect, will save our planet and our lifestyles and keep low-income Mainers from suffering from the cold.

If we do not slow climate change, then natural disasters will accelerate, damaging supply chains; inflation will increase, and most Americans (especially low-income people) will be hard hit by the changing climate. Experts say that one in three Americans already has been personally affected by climate change.

A carbon price will stimulate a transition to renewables.

This is not a new idea. British Columbia instituted a carbon price and dividend in 2008, and it has been effective. The European Union is using carbon prices to slow down climate change. Thousands of economists say that a carbon price is the most effective first step to slow climate change.

Please call Sens. Angus King and Susan Collins and Reps.

Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden and tell them we want a carbon fee and dividend (a carbon cashback approach) to help save our world and protect our citizens.

Nancy Hasenfus Brunswick