“Our View: To Idaho with love – and potatoes” (March 25) struck a personal note for me, having moved from Idaho to Maine last September. We moved to Idaho in 2000, when the seasons were almost too good to be true. By 2019, things were different. I checked my air quality app every day before walking my dog. Smoke made for extraordinary sunsets and compromised lungs. Triple-digit summer days became routine rather than a rarity.

We had vacationed in central Maine in the 1990s. While our glasses were decidedly rose-colored, the effects of climate change are unmistakable. In addition to warming seas, tick-borne diseases became personal, as did communities’ struggle with browntail moth infestations. There is no escaping climate change.

There is, however, a single thing we can all do that will begin to fix this. The Citizens Climate Lobby is working to get legislation passed (H.R. 2307) that will establish a fee and dividend structure.

The fee is imposed on the producers or importers of the fuels (not individual industries) and is based on the greenhouse-gas content of the fuel. The dividend is paid directly back to citizens. Conservatives, progressives and leading economists agree that this is the best first step to reducing atmospheric carbon and combating climate change.

Contact your representatives in Congress to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 2307. Better yet, join the Citizens Climate Change Lobby to contribute to the solution.