As the Washington Post article published in the Press Herald stated (“Atmospheric carbon dioxide reaches highest levels in 63 years,”June 8, Page A2), atmospheric CO2 concentrations continue to rise steadily, as do atmospheric temperatures.

While the heat wave of the past few days is merely a heat wave, it does make me think of the impact of chronically rising temperatures on the elderly, on those without air conditioning, and those with respiratory conditions. Rising CO2 level-associated warming will likely tip many the medically frail person into “hot water,” in my opinion as a retired physician.

Assertive means of reducing CO2 needs to be enacted. The most effective way is to put a fee on fossil fuel.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 2307) imposes a carbon fee at the point of production. This fee will not grow the government, but will be returned to every citizen as a dividend, to cover the rising costs of personal use.

This bill not only sounds simple and reasonable, but also would lead to a reduction in emissions by 50 percent by 2030.

That is the midpoint estimate from multiple models. My numbers and assertions are derived from the Citizens’ Climate Lobby “laser talks,” which are well referenced and footnoted.

I would encourage people to write to lawmakers and support this legislation. More information is available on the Citizens’ Climate Lobby web pages.

David L. Smith, M.D.